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Soundgate M2 Mobile Mount

This popular Soundgate item is no longer available.  :(

The Soundgate M2 is the universal holder for everything in a vehicle, and when not in use it can be conveniently folded down sleekly and smartly on the dashboard. The M2 is the patent pending, mobile mount for keeping all portable devices safely out of the way.

The Soundgate M2 can be used to hold anything - MP3 player, mobile phone, PDA, NAV unit - in the correct position, instead of out of the driver's reach or causing a safety risk. A thin disk adhered to the back of the portable device is the locking connection to the M2, and locking or unlocking can be achieved with just one hand.

A special 3M tape provides the stoutest fixation to a dashboard, and it can be removed at any time without trace or damage to the dash itself or the device.

See this link to a video of the M2 in action.

Soundgate M2 Mobile Mount
M2Retail price: $29.99AEI price: $27.99


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