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iPod Aux Input Converter

What does this adapter do?

The PIE GM2L-POD/S allows you to connect your iPod Mini, G4, Nano, or Video, to your compatible factory installed audio system. With the PIE GM2L-POD/S, you can control many iPod functions from your factory radio. Your factory radio will display some ipod information, and your iPod's battery will charge while connected. You will also get one additional, universal Aux Input to be used with another audio source! The PIE GM2L-POD/S will work in both XM equipped, and XM ready vehicles. It will work in Class II and LAN-BUS vehicles. You will need to choose the correct vehicle-specific harness from the pull-down menu when placing your order. The harness is required and included in the purchase price.

Please click HERE to learn which items are required for your vehicle.

Other application notes:

  • XM capable radios can be identified by the "CAT" button on LAN vehicles, the "BAND" button on CLASS II vehicles or the XM/AUX button on the Equinox.
  • Where is the installation done?

    The PIE GM2L-POD/S connects to the the rear of the factory radio.

    What do you get in the package?

  • One PIE GM2L-POD/S module
  • One cable to connect PIE GM2L-POD/S to the iPod's dock connector.
  • One vehicle-specific cable to connect PIE GM2L-POD/S to the factory radio (Please choose correct vehicle-specific cable from the pull down menu below.)
  • One set of installation instructions
  • Shipping Weight: 2.0 Pounds

    Warranty: One Year


    Availability: Usually ships the same business day.

    PIE GM2L-POD/S iPod Aux Input Converter
    GM2LPODSRetail price: $219.95AEI price: $154.99Vehicle-Specific Harness: GM2L-: 


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