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iPod Charging Adapter

The PIE CC-iPD converts the 12 volt (firewire) charging on existing iPod accessories to the new 5 volt (USB) standard found on new iPod products.

If you have an iPod adapter, or accessory in your car, but it won't charge your new iPod model, then this adapter will likely solve your issue. If you have a new iPhone 3G, iPod Touch Gen2, iPod Nano Chromatic (4th Gen), or new iPod Classic 120GB, then this is the adapter that you need! With this adapter, you'll have no more 'charging not supported by this accessory' error messages!

  • Will work with PIE POD2 and POD/S accessories
  • Will NOT work with PIE POD series accessories
  • Will NOT work with the PIE HON03-POD/S when using the iPhone 3G

  • Availability: Usually ships the same business day.

    PIE CC-iPD iPod Charging Adapter
    CCIPDRetail price: $29.99AEI price: $29.99


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