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Triple Connect Audio Input Cable

The PIE ALP/AI-3NPUT adapter allows you to connect an Apple iPod to your Alpine Ai-NET receiver. The ALP/AI-3NPUT plugs into the Ai-NET connector on the back of your Ai-NET receiver and into your iPod's dock connector.

The unique thing about PIE's 3NPUT series of cables is that you can remove the iPod from the cable, and connect a different audio source any time you like. There is also a pair of female RCA connectors as well as a 3.5mm (1/8") mini-plug connector provided. The adapter charges your iPod's battery and sends the audio directly to your Alpine receiver, but iPod control remains with the iPod.

The Dock connector is compatible with 3rd and 4th generation iPods, Photo, Nano, and Video models. The 3.5mm audio connector works with iPod Shuffle, but will not power the Shuffle. The cable is approximately 6 feet long.

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PIE ALP/AI-3NPUT Triple Connect Audio Input Cable
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