Click to enlargeCrimestopper Replacement Transmitter 
For most older systems

NEW - Crimestopper Replacement Transmitter

Includes new battery

Transmitter Range is about 2000ft. Replaces RSTX-4, RSTX-4G2, CS-409TX, CS-34TX, CS-34TX II, CS-34TX II CF and MANY others

Features 5-button design. May look totally different than your old transmitter!

(Transmitter may say: FCC ID: VVJ-T612S434 on the back.)

This unit will work with:

CS-2011 DP, CS-2011 DP II
CS-2011RS, CS-2011RS II, CS-2011RS III, CS-2011RS IV
DC-1, DC-3, DC-4
EZ-33 DP, EZ-33 DP II
EZ-34 DP, EZ-34 DP II
EZ-45 DP
EZ-55 DP
FS-40, FS-42 
LC-1, LC-3, LC-4, LC-4PRO
PS-01, PS01-G3, PS01-G4, PS01-G5, 
PS-03, PS03-G3, PS03-G4
PS-04, PS04-G3, PS04-G4, PS04-G4 
RS-900 ER, RS-900 II, RS-900 III, RS-900 IV, RS-900 V, RS-900 VI, RS-900 VII
RS-1303 DP, RS-1303 DP II
RS-1304 DP, RS-1304 DP II
RS-1405 DP
RS-1505 DP
RS1, RS1-G2, RS1-G3, RS1-G4, RS1-G5
RS3, RS3-G2, RS3-G3, RS3-G4, RS3-G5
RS4, RS4-G2, RS4-G3, RS4-G4, RS4-G5
SP-400, SP-402

And MANY others.

When you order, send us a note to let us know which system you have, so that we can include programming instructions for YOUR system!

We can help if you have troubles getting your system to accept the new transmitter.

Crimestopper Dealer since 1986!

Contact us with application inquiries.

(Replaces CS-409TX, CS-34TX, CS-34TX II, CS-34TX II CF, RSTX4, RSTX4-G3, RSTX4-G4 and others)

New transmitter includes key/chain and programming instructions.

We're available to help, if you have any troubles!

Availability: Usually ships the same business day.

Crimestopper Replacement Transmitter - For most older systems
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