Click to enlargeCrimestopper CS-34TX II
Replacement Transmitter

Crimestopper CS-34TX Replacement Transmitter

This unit has been replaced with a new transmitter.

Crimestopper RSTX-4 Replacement Transmitter

Features 4-button design (5, counting the button on the side) with sliding button cover.

This transmitter will work with the following Crimestopper systems, and some others:

  • CS-2011DP
  • EZ-34DP
  • EZ-90
  • RS-900 II
  • RS-900 III
  • RS-900 IV
  • RS-900 V
  • RS-900 VI
  • RS-900 VII
  • RS-1303DP
  • RS-1304DP
  • RS-1405DP
  • RS-1505DP
  • (Replaces CS-409TX, CS-34TX, CS-34TX II, CS-34TX II CF, and others)

    New sealed transmitter includes programming instructions.

    We're available to help, if you have any troubles!

    Crimestopper CS-34TX II Transmitter
    CS34TXRetail price: $19.99AEI price: $18.99


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