Click to enlargeCrimestopper CS-2011DP
Alarm/Remote Start 
Combo System with DP Technology

  • Dedicated Data Port for "One For All" Data Linking Modules
  • 2 Vehicle Operation
  • Remote Keyless Entry (Controls Power Door Locks)
  • Positive and Negative Door Lock Outputs
  • Separate Driver's Priority Door Unlock Output
  • (4) Remote Auxiliary Outputs: 2 Fixed, 2 Programmable (Timed 2-255 seconds, momentary or Latched on/off
  • Silent Arm and Disarm through the Remote
  • Valet Service Mode and Valet Park Mode with Trunk Protection
  • Dome Light Illumination Output
  • Double Unlock Pulse (Programmable)
  • Parking Light Illumination on Disarm (Programmable)
  • 30 Programmable Options
  • Qualifies for Insurance Discount
  • Transferable Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Turbo Timer Mode: Allows Engine to Continue Running from 1 to 5 minutes After Key Removal (Requires Additional Switch Not Included in Kit)
  • "Ultra-Smart" Tachless Mode with Custom 80~100% Voltage Range Adjustment
  • Programmable "Wake-up" Ignition Pulse on Unlock for Vehicles with "Slam Locks"
  • "Timed" Crank Mode (Pre-set Starter Cranking Time in 4 Increments form 0.5~1.5 Seconds
  • Glow Plug Input or Programmable Delay Time for Diesel Engines
  • (5) On-board Relays for Easy Installation
  • Selectable Engine Speed Sensing: "Smart" Tachless or Tach (RPM) Learning
  • 3rd Start Output
  • Tach Finder Mode
  • Programmable Engine Run Time: 12, 24, 36 or 48 Minutes
  • Factory (OEM) Alarm Disarm Output
  • Negative Ignition Output for Additional Relays or Anti-Theft Bypass Modules
  • Hood-Open Safety Circuit. The unit Will Not Remote Start if Hood is Open or Ajar


  • Two 5-Button, Multi-Channel Transmitters
  • 433 MHz High Frequency with Extended Range On-Glass Antenna
  • Dynamic Code Anti-Code Grabbing Protection
  • Code Learning Receiver
  • Audible & Visual Arm/Disarm with Intrusion Alert
  • Electronic Dual Stage / Dual Adjustment Shock Protection with Pre-Warning (Plug-in Design)
  • Multi-Zone Trigger Protection
  • Defective Zone Bypass with Warning Chirps
  • 6 Tone Siren with Higher 125dB Level
  • Remote Panic
  • Pre-wired Starter Disable Relay and Socket Included
  • On-Board Flashing Light Relay
  • Protected Valet/Programming Switch (Plug In Design)
  • LED Status Indicator (Plug-In Design)
  • Dedicated Vehicle Horn-Honk Output
  • Passive or Active Arming (Programmable)
  • Active Re-Arming Mode (Programmable)
  • Door Lock Pulse Time (Programmable 1 or 3 Sec.)
  • Auto Lock / Unlock with Ignition or RPM (Programmable)
  • Power Down Monitoring with NovRam Memory Circuit, keeps system status when battery is disconnected

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Crimestopper CS-2011DP Alarm/Remote Start Combo System with DP Technology
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